In the last year working with Ocean has changed not only my body composition but my mental health! After a rather intense hip surgery my confidence with my body and in the gym was gone and I felt so lost. With Ocean's help I regained confidence in many aspects of my life. I’m not afraid to step on the scale anymore, I learned how to truly track food and to lean into habits while at social events. Also she wrote the best workouts ever that I LOVE!  

My biggest takeaway is confidence. In the gym, putting clothes on, on the scale, meal planning, and just overall a happiness with myself again. 

I can’t thank her enough!!! I loved working with Ocean and how she worked with someone based on their real life schedules and ups and downs. I never HAD to eliminate certain foods, I became more informed and educated and truly that was one of my biggest confidence boosters. I have created habits and a lifestyle that will continue on even if we aren’t working together!! - Ashley 

“Being 55 years old an after raising two children, I was overweight and out of shape. I tried exercising and dieting, but nothing worked. After just 24 weeks working with Ocean and iEvolve Fitness, my physique is completely changed and I’ve lost over 35 pounds! Ocean worked with me one-on-one and designed a nutrition and work-out program that allowed me to achieve my goals and target my problem areas. She taught me so much. It’s not a diet… It’s a lifestyle, and it works! “ - Denise Oram

“Fit over 40! I am so glad I started working with Ocean and am incredibly pleased with the progress I've had in over a year of working with her! I lost just over 30lbs and made huge strides in my strength and performance in the gym. Ocean was great at designing my strength programming in a way that accommodated for some injuries I had been working through. My workouts were awesome and I loved seeing my body change. Her guidance with the nutrition part of things was also very helpful as I had always done meal plans. Actually learning how to fuel my body and my training sessions helped me progress in a big way. Working with Ocean and interacting with the iEvolve Fitness team was an awesome experience! I loved the accountability, structure and guidance and highly recommend the program.” - Patrick Barr

“My life has been changing for the better and I finally feel like I’m in the realm of where I’ve wanted to be for a long time, actively living a healthy & active lifestyle is what I want to do for the rest of my life and Ocean has really helped guide me to success. It’s really incredible to have this point where I can look at all the progress I’ve made. This has been a great journey so far and I’m looking forward to continuing, Ocean has really been a great accountability coach with great goals and tools!” - Jayme W

"It is astonishing what you can accomplish when you set your mind on something and put in the work necessary to make that one thing your reality. When I came to Ocean I wanted to improve my knowledge of weight lifting and more importantly my nutrition. I wanted to take my health and fitness to the next level because I was tired of feeling stuck and restricted. The whole process of working with Ocean has been incredibly rewarding. I have never felt so strong, more confident physically in the gym and mentally with the direction my life is going. Thank you Ocean for everything you’ve taught me and helped me with." - Luke P

“Working with Ocean has been the most awesome, fun and rewarding experience for me not just physically but mentally as well. I initially went to Ocean because I want to change my physique. I got stuck with a weight I thought was already “great”. I am glad I found her as a coach. We then talked on the phone, found we are great fit to work together and I worked with her for almost a year! I learned to love lifting more, developed a better relationship with my body and food, achieved the best body yet during our fat loss phase in time for my vacation and boudoir shoot and actually saw some abs that I thought would never ever happen! Ocean is very hands on, always available and genuinely care about her clients. She will not sugar coat and is very straight forward yet very sincere which I love about her. We were in a gaintainance phase when I got pregnant and she still was there guiding me to have a fit pregnancy! I will definitely go back to her after giving birth so I can go back and rock my fit mom body! Thank you, Ocean, you are really awesome and I look forward to working with you again! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach for whatever fitness goals you aspire. She is really one of the best out there!”
- Mindy Ross Pineda

"Ocean and I worked together for training and nutrition for just shy of 3 years. In those years, we went through a number of building and cutting phases and 2 successful figure prep seasons. While there were several gym PRs and physical changes that took place during that time, the most important transformation that Ocean helped me achieve was a mental one. Ocean genuinely cares about her clients and want to see them succeed. Her belief in me, her constant support, her positivity and her encouragement helped me to become more confident in myself over time, which allowed me to reach goals I didn’t even think were possible. Ocean's coaching comes from a place of truly wanting to help others, regardless of if you are brand new to training or a seasoned competitor. She is real and honest, which is hard to find in the world of fitness nowadays, and because of that, she is able to create a very strong personal relationship with her clients. I consider her not just my coach but also a friend. I am so thankful for all the knowledge and guidance that I have gained from Ocean over our time working together and for the person she has helped me become along the way!" - Miranda Hocutt

“Thank you for believing in me during our journey together! You taught me so much about the fundamentals of training, dieting and MACROS! The importance of of really staying consistent with all those things in order to get my desired results! You were my first coach/trainer and you not only taught me about strength training for my physique, but for my mind and for life! So for all those things, thank you for making such a difference in my life!”
- Cammrynn

"I am doing SO good - feeling and looking stronger. When I first started working with Ocean I had been second guessing myself because I wasn't sure what the right plan for me to follow was. I had really wanted to get a training program and nutrition plan going that was specific to my goals and to the look I’m going for. I am excited to be seeing results! I have leaned out so much because I can see my arms getting defined and even my abs are getting defined which is really hard for me to do. I am feeling comfortable in a bathing suit again which is awesome!"  - Emily W

"Transformation journeys are not easy without someone guiding your path. About a year ago I began working with Ocean- she believed in my potential when nobody else did. Through my journey working with her I learned so many things; from weighing my food out accurately to pushing myself in the gym. These things may sound insignificant, but as a beginner, they are things that many of us don't do or do inaccurately. Another thing I learned is consistency. Above all, consistency has been the key to my transformation. Just like anyone else I've had times of regression and self doubt, but with Ocean's help and motivation I was able to get back on track. If you ever get the chance I would recommend working with Ocean- she has changed my life and gotten me to a further point in my fitness journey. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for Ocean." - Kendall Barber

"As a former student athlete I was looking to get my fitness back on track. I missed having structure and accountability which is why I'm so glad to be working with Ocean. I mean, really, y'all see them back rolls disappearing? Ocean has been awesome helping me find a good balance with learning how to eat 2 reeses cups instead of 8 or a small bag of chips instead of a family size to myself. This process has taught me so much and it feels good to be making changes with my body. I am doing this for myself! I am sleeping much better and feeling better.”  - Angela Misa

"I have really enjoyed working with Ocean. I love that I have been able to be honest and upfront with her, she is super friendly, down to earth and I've never felt afraid to ask her opinion or questions. Ocean is way more hands on than the previous coach I had and I have had a significant change in my body composition. I have lost fat and kept muscle. It has been a huge eye opening experience to learn about nutrition, learning where my macros come from and of course learning the power of weighing everything. I have gained so much knowledge on how to handle my macros and am excited to start a building phase."
- Kelly Jones

"Working with Ocean and iEvolve fitness was excellent! Ocean was organized, timely, and purposeful with her programming. I truly enjoyed the focus that was put on power lifts and performing these lifts correctly. Flexible dieting was also new to me and Ocean has the tools and tips necessary to teach this approach. This along with her understanding of anatomy and how the body works makes her a first rate coach. I would recommend her to anyone from a beginner all the way to a seasoned fitness mind, she knows her stuff and I'm grateful to have gotten to work with her." - Tyler Bellando

"My experience in working with Ocean was amazing! I needed structure back in my workout game along with a strong nutrition plan. I have followed many diet plans that left me feeling hungry and starving. I also, wanted a gym routine I could do in 4 days at the gym. Once I stared working with Ocean we soon discovered my form was very weak. She has now gotten me to perform a squat the correct way and no pain in my low back. She has gotten me much stronger and confident. As far as nutrition she never let me get away with BS. I need someone like that because I can’t lie and pictures don’t lie. She taught me how to stop stressing over food and just live but within means. I now have a healthier relationship with food. Anyone looking for a solid workout plan and an amazing trainer I highly recommend you hire Ocean." - Jillian 

"If I can do it, so can you! I am 58 years old and the program at iEvolve Fitness with Ocean is catered to where you are and where you want to be! The support provided was awesome. If I had questions or issues, I would receive immediate feedback. Progress takes time and I was patient. After a couple weeks, I finally learned how to track my daily macro count and when that occurred, my body started to transform. I noticed my stomach disappearing and biceps appearing. One thing I learned is how to eat food without dieting. I would advise everyone to try working with Ocean." - Gwen Greene-Williams 

"I started working with Ocean the year leading up to my wedding, the goal was to get lean for the big day. The entire process while working with her had been amazing and a continuing learning experience. I learned the major lifts like squat and deadlift, from the ground up through her guidance and form feedback via video. I learned how to properly track my macros and make it work for me and my goals. The support I got from Ocean and the iEvolve team is unparalleled. I was always able to communicate with her on any subject and get a little “tough love” when it was necessary. I gained an immense amount of knowledge and a desire to keep improving on the foundation that Ocean helped me create and strengthen. This has literally been such a learning process for me." - Jill Kinder

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